The Eurasian group decided to make magic pyramids.  One group member shared the concept based on a Discovery channel special he's seen the night before.  I found a pattern and printed them out.  The group divided the labor between cutting and folding and taping them closed.  Today they will decorate using various materials and with different messages.  Some will use symbols used in Hieroglyphics.
The Australian group chose to create friendship barceletes because most of the group already had the skills and knowledge of various braiding techniques.  The allocated the measuring and cutting to one member and divided basic and specialty bracelet making up between the other two.
The North American group chose to create outfits for pencils using pipe cleaners, felt and yarn. The may be adding some faux fur hair. Stay tuned!
The South African group chose to design their own Dreamcatchers.  They used pipe cleaners, yarn and beads.  Someone is planning to bring in feathers to add some flair!
The African group chose to make pom pom pets as their product for export.  The materials include: pom poms and googlie eyes and some pipe cleaners and a little construction paper. We may need to use a stronger glue.

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