Whoa, I like to get ahead of myself.  Some of you may not be familiar with the O.R.E.O. project.  My friend and mentor Jen Wagner and EdTech Specialist at a private Christian School in California has been facilitating online projects for over 10 years.  The key to her success and growing participation has been the simplicity of the online involvement.  Jen has a ning (social networking site) for teachers, a daily blog about EdTech issues and her baby, her Online Projects.  All of these things are accessible through the main website: www.jenuinetech.com.

Back to simplicity.  As a Kindergarten teacher I was involved in the Egg Roll project for several years and loved it.  What is so simple about a project, you ask?  Well Jen has all of the interrelated resources needed to supplement or enhance your current curriculum by using the project as a launch pad for all kinds of wonderful classroom based activities. (She is all about project based learning and using centers for differentiated instruction) The only thing you have to do on the web is to registar for the project and then post your results into a Google Form she creates.

Teachers are very busy and with the potential for technical difficulties which you will see below... It is nice to know that you can still collaborate with thousands of other classrooms by simple adding your classroom results to a growing body of data.Data is a powerful tool. I think Jen is on the right track.  She knows teachers and she also know what's possible to accomplish in the classroom on a given day.  That combination makes her the number one resource for busy teachers on the web.
New communications tools crop up daily on the web and teachers are always trying to see how they could be used to increase student interest and motivation.  One such tool, TokBox recently arrived and has the unique feature of built-in recording.  Unlike Skype, if your party isn't available, you can record a message and send it via email.  Your recipient can then watch your message at their leisure.  This feature came in handy when the dual transmission feature was thwarted by what was most likely a crowded information highway traffic jam at 11:30 EST.  My teacher-friend, Michele Honeycutt who teaches K-4 at a charter school here in Hutchinson, KS and I had done a trial run the previous Friday at 3:30 and had no problems. On Friday the 2nd we had nothing but problems. Either viewer could only see one video stream at a time and then we even lost sound contact.  We made the best of it by watching their stacking in silence and then quickly recording our presentation and stacking activity, then emailing the links to our friends in KS.

SG thought to use his GA map from our recent habitat studies to show the students in Kansas our location on the map.


Part 3 of 3 in our Simul-stacking Oreo Challenge

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