This year has been the best ever for Mrs. Foresman and I.  The students, the parents the enthusiasm for learning was infectious.  That is why it is so particularly painful and difficult for me to break up our team as I move on to a position in 3rd grade.

Mrs. Foresman and I have been friends from the start and we both started at CVES 6 years ago the same day.  I have come to love and respect her incredibly deep love of children and her compassion for all people.  She is as selfless as they come and her example has had a profound impact on me and my approach to teaching.

I know where I will be next year but she will be up in the air until Mr. Trussell lays out the plans.  All I can say is that I envy her next teacher and students because they are in for a treat. 

I will miss the entire kindergarten grade level because we are such a happy family together.  My greatest satisfaction is leaving on such a high note.  Mrs. Foresman and I make an excellent team but she fully understands my need to broaden my teaching experience and wishes me well.

Kim and I will continue to be close friends. I wouldn't want it any other way.



Amy Dawson
05/22/2008 06:35

Hadley (and the entire Dawson family!) has been so blessed this year with the Shields/Foresman team-we're already crossing our fingers that another Dawson can be united with Mrs. Shields in her third grade class next year (dare to dream!!) and I'd like to make the case that the first grade could always use another wonderful parapro like Mrs. Foresman! Y'all are the best!


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