This week marked the end of the canned food drive for the homeless.  Thank you for all of your contributions.  Some students even used their allowance to purchase additonal cans for our classroom.  Our final total was 767!  Some classes had fewer than 100 so we did very well.  Unfortunately for us be fortunately for the homeless population there were classes over 1000 and in one case, over 2000!

Today was Cafeteria workers appreciation day.  We worked as a class to create a large paper sunshine.  Students decorated the bubble-letter names on each ray of sunshine.  The messages read, "You are our sunshine!"  Today visited the Cafeteria workers during their lunch break and seranaded them with the song, You Are My Sunshine.

Next Tuesday we will visit the media center for the Gingerbread Man story.  It is a magical event.  A little surprise is being prepared by elf, Mrs. Briggs. 

Mrs. Majors of KSU, bids us farewell on Friday with the hope of returning to see the evening performance of Circus Circus.

We started learning about Africa.  Students used Ashanti symbols to create patterns on their head scarves and hats.  The Kente cloth tells a stroy so they also explained or wrote what their pattern means using words.  Our hallway bulletin board will reflect this project.


Join us tomorrow evening between 6-8 pm at Z pizza. A portion of the sales will go to support our production of Circus Circus. Don't miss the fun and excitment!
You may want to experiment first and then see if you can figure it out, create a little story and impress your kids.  They will want to learn too!


I wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving!  When we return December will be right around the corner and the time seems to accelerate.  I peppered the pages of this website with a few new photos from the feast so be sure to click around. There are also pictures on the Creek View home page. A special thank you to the Schercks for hosting Sparkle over the long weekend.

This week Mr. Nation Tech Specialist upgraded our Promethean board software and the students have more resources.  Today we experimented with the keystroke  screen-recorder.  It can be used to create mini movies.

Our Social Studies theme is now Holidays around the world.  If you would like to share a holiday with the class please arrange to come in during our reader time slot which is from 1:40-2:00 PM. You may want to share food, decorations, folktales or a craft.  Our class will be rotating to several other classes to learn about Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, and our class will be responsible for Kwanzaa.  All holidays are presented as cultural traditions with a focus on sharing and learning from new cultures.


On Tuesday I attended two technology workshops at the Georgia Educational Technology Conference at the World Congress Center.  Both sessions filled me with many new ideas and ways to involve technology.  There are so many free programs these days.  Some are too advanced for kindergarten but they will soon be ready to explore programs like Scratch from Google which is like a free 3D design program easily downloadable to your computer and with many resources.  I will cull through the extensive list of links I accumulated and add some to our student site.  One big tip I have for anyone who like to collect great links is to use .  You can bookmark everything and access bookmarks from any computer.  You can also share them.  I also highly recommend getting a gmail account because Google has done an amazing job of integrating all kinds of valuable tools (FREE) into their gmail platform including Google Docs.  Please feel free to ask questions.  Another excellent Google tool is Picassa.  Yes, it organizes photos and provides editing capabilities but it is integrated with Blogger so you can upload pictures easily, seamlessly to a family blog. I plan to switch the students to blogger in January because it enables image uploads to accompany posts.  I'd like to include journal pictures with the posts.


Another year another feast and an even better play!  I want to thank each of the parents who attended the feast and then came down to the classroom for our little performance.  If you missed the event you can view it online.  I just posted the PhotoStory on my kinderteacher podcast site so it should be available for viewing by Friday.  It is nearly 7 minutes long so give it several minutes to load before watching and you will avoid the starting and stopping that can happen while streaming.

Have you noticed the map on our home page? It uses IP addresses to track the location of viewers.  I told the kids that we need to spread the word to extended family and get some hits from around the globe.  We keep checking to see if there are any new locations.

Due to the activities surrounding the feast we didn't all get to blog today.  Those who didn't have a chance to post will be given time on Friday so be sure to look for your child's entry and make a comment. 

Lastly, our school is having an in-house competition to see which class has the highest student to can ratio.  I'm referring to the food drive.  Mr. Trussell is hoping to collect 10,000 cans or other non-perishable items for the homeless.  Each year a truck pulls up and the students carry out the items.  They take pride in contributing to this worthy endevour. I urge you to send in a little at a time in backpacks or simply drop off bulk items such as Raman noodles from Costco.  be sure to label anything you drop off with room number A111. 

Thank you for your continued support for your enthusiastic learners!


Mrs. Foresman received an unexpected call to report to the front office just before lunch today.  It cast an air of mystery over the class.  Why did they call her, what's wrong?  Is she coming back? Kindergarteners are never short on questions.  We proceeded to lunch on the usual path but just before entering the cafeteria a very animated Mrs. Foresman rushed up to share the good news.  A special visitor had arrived.  Secretly, Mrs. Foresman had ordered a 'class fish' for the Creek View aquarium!  She wanted to surprise us and indeed she did.  The students were absolutely delighted.  Mr. Trussell looked on as Ned the Fish Guy prepared to release the new recruit.  He's just a little fellow, but very beautiful.  We will be naming him shortly.  He is a Royal Gramma, a hearty coral reef fish. Please be sure to look for him next time you're in the school. Pictures can be found on the Kids Home page or here.


Special thanks to Mrs. Bard who not only volunteers to aide students academically but who also offered to clip our Sparkle's toenails!  She is a  Veterinarian and naturally animals love her.

Mr. Spinelli was in today and he and Sean shared a fun activity they do at home using MS Excel.  We had all the students creating patterns in the cells of the spreadsheet.  It's amazing how easily they can pick up new skills.


Our Feast time has been scheduled.  It is 10:45 - 11:25.  There will be 4 classes enetering the cafeteria before we do so plan to be a few minutes early.  We are learning many things about the Pilgrims and Native Americans. 


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