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Today, students competed by stacking towers of OREO-like cookies.  I reserved an extra package for eating!
Every day next week we will have ITBS testing.  Here are some important things to consider which will help your child feel more comfortable and better prepared for this change in routine.
  1. Stick to a consistent daily bed time and wake up time.
  2. Lay out clothes and pack lunches the night before to prevent morning delays.
  3. Make sure your child wakes up early enough to eat breakfast as they will not eat until after testing around 10 AM.
  4. Supply a small bottle of water.
  5. Make sure your child arrives at school by 7:30 so they have time to walk to the classroom and are sitting in their seats when the bell rings at 7:45.
  6. Try not to ask them too much about the test each night because it may increase their anxiety.
  7. Remember this is not the SAT! The ITBS is simply one of many ways to compare student performance to national standard. It gives a snap shot of a student's abilities.
  8. Students who are out sick or for religious holidays will be pulled out to make up the test upon their return to school.
Each morning the students get out their orange folders and attack their Daily Language exercises.  The days and weeks are labeled and there are 5 problems each day.  They review context clues, grammar rules, punctuation, capitalization and analogies.  Each of these skills is tested in some way on the CRCT in the spring.
You are invited to attend:
Curriculum Night
Date: 9/3
Time: 6-7:30PM
You will get to hear an overview of the 3rd grade curriculum in the cafeteria, followed by a general Q&A in the classroom. Save specific questions regarding your students for phone, email or individual conferences.

Please note that this event is for parents, not students so please make arrangements for them to stay at home.

Creek View 3995 Webb Bridge Rd Alpharetta, GA 30005