New to CVES this year?  If so your kids are in for a treat.  To highlight the importance of reading we celebrate WRAD Day.  This stands for Write and Read All Day!  Students may wear PJ's bring a sleeping bag and one stuffed animal.  They may also bring a favorite book to share.  We have two reader scheduled so far and will probably have a visit from Mr. Foresman as well.  Lisa is putting together a schedule although space is limited simply  because pajama parties tend to be  a little crazy and readers compete with the casual atmosphere and silliness tat ensues. Check out this web page from 2005 to catch a preview of the event.


The long awaited 'boys show' podcast is finished.  The boys enjoyed putting together little sets using misc classroom manipulatives and the pretending to fight alien invaders!  The got a real kick out of the special effects.  More to come, the girls want to fly too.  I must admit I enjoy experimenting with the video effects. Enjoy, it's under 2 minutes and just plain silly.


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