Looks like I can post once again without any trouble.  That means I will be able to add some of last weeks blog posts finally.  I'm not sure why there was a problem but I wrote to Weebly and it seems they have made it all better.

What a busy week we have had.  They Circus production took up over an hour  a day for 7 straight days. I think you will have to agree it was worthwhile.  The kids loved being part of the production and excitement.  The set was wonderful and I have to thank the parents from or class who gave their time to make it extra special.

We had a surprise experience on Thursday afternoon.  When the students returned from specials they found something like a movie on the screen but they discovered that it was a live streaming video from a kindergarten classroom in New Hampshire!  My friend Maria Knee invited us to share a wonderful presentation about sled dog racing. Her guests brought in a sled and two of their sled dogs.  We watched as her students inspected the sled and as the dogs entered their classroom.  I am going to ask the students to add their audio comments to a VoiceThread I have posted. I also asked Maria to let her kids comment and perhaps to add some of their own photos.


I am having trouble getting my posts to stick so this will be a short note of thanks to all of the parent volunteers who helped with the Valentines day party today.  Special thanks to Jill who sets the bar very high with her exceptional planning.

I have most of the conference times recorded and will send the list home Thursday.  If you need to make a change just email me.

Tomorrow begins the rehearsals for the musical.  I hope we can all remain healthy until after the show next week.  There is so much flu going around.

Check out the kidsincharge site (ask your students about the secret button).  We are featuring reporters and experts!  Anyone can be an expert or a reporter if they choose to share what they know, write it down and type it onto the Neo.


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